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What Type Of IT Support Is Best For Your Business In 2021?

Hiring your own internal team of IT professionals can be costly for smaller to medium sized businesses looking to have an effective IT Support Service solution. Smaller business owners need to be more conscious of keeping their costs down, maximizing their productivity, and increasing their profit margins. With the the situation of the world at

Why Do Smaller Companies Need IT Support Services?

Companies that are growing and don't have good IT Support being provided daily usually struggle to keep up with the demands of their customers and end up with frustrated employees due to their IT Infrastructure being patchy and always experiencing downtime. This doesn't have to be the case, as dealing with a professional IT Company

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How To Resolve The 5 Most Common IT Issues In Your Business

The digital world is changing so quickly today on a daily basis that this makes keeping your IT hardware and software updated regularly more challenging. Keeping your IT infrastructure updated is so important to making sure that your entire IT System is functioning optimally with minimal amount of disruptions. Employees from all over the world

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What Is The Best Laptop For Your Business?

Laptops have recently become highly popular for most business owners due to COVID and most employees have had to spend most of 2020 working from home. This has seen laptops become a necessity during the pandemic for most companies and even educational institutions. Google search trends have shown that there has been a significant increase

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What You Should Be Looking For In An IT Company

In the world that we are now living in today, businesses have become more reliant than ever on technology. Technology can now pretty much dictate whether your business is successful or not and is now simply a necessity in any business. For this reason, it is vital that you choose and IT Provider to partner

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Moving To Cryptic IT Solutions Is A Seamless Process

Cryptic has been known to provide their clients with a drastic increase in uptime and have also proven to be three times faster than our competitors. Our guarantee to your business is that you will experience increased uptime, reduced downtime, enhancement in productivity and have a much more secure IT Network. So why are small

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We Eliminate Those Frustrating IT Problems

Cryptic has some of the most skilled IT Technicians in South Africa and our hiring process is very strict to ensure that we are only hiring the highest quality technicians. Our IT Support staff are among the most skilled and they are able to solve any of your IT issues that you face daily. As

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The Risks Of Not Updating Your IT Hardware And Software

Updating your IT equipment on a regular basis such as your hardware and software applications can have a huge impact on your company in terms of the overall security of your infrastructure and profitability of your company. Due to the financial impact that the Pandemic has caused and with many companies not being able to

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Cryptic Is An IT Provider That Can Assist You With Any IT Issue

What Benefits Does Cryptic Offer To Your Company? If you are a company that is using many different companies for managing different types of IT equipment within your IT Infrastructure or you are just not happy with the quality of service from your IT Company, then we recommend that you consider us as your new

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How Do I Get Remote IT Support?

How Does Remote Support Benefit You? In recent years Remote or Virtual Support has become the preferred method for most companies to get support from IT Companies as this is a much more cost effective and convenient way for an IT Technician to get access to your workstation and fix an IT issues without having

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