The digital world is changing so quickly today on a daily basis that this makes keeping your IT hardware and software updated regularly more challenging. Keeping your IT infrastructure updated is so important to making sure that your entire IT System is functioning optimally with minimal amount of disruptions. Employees from all over the world always mention computers and IT in general as their biggest frustrations at work, however there are some solutions that you, as the company owner, can follow in order to ensure that your employee workforce is being kept happy and your entire IT environment is functioning smoothly.

Technology Becoming Outdated Or Obsolete

Usually businesses that are smaller and have lower profit margins than larger businesses will often try and use their current technology for as long as possible to try and save as much money as possible and to try and get the best return on investment for their initial purchase. However, it is vital that your IT software is being updated daily or weekly and being done on a regular basis as new patches rollout. Doing this will ensure that your company saves a lot of money in the long term and will ensure that you won’t have to pay additional money on repairs and will allow you spend more money on investing and growing your business.

Slow Networks And Potential Data Corruption

Usually when you continue to use an older version of a software, it begins to cause problems and not function as intended, and the manufacturer of the software will eventually stop rolling out updates for the software which introduces potential security risks.  Slow server and workstation response times can cause loss information due to data drives that could get corrupted and this can contribute to company downtime which will cost your company not just downtime, but loss of revenue also.

Lack Of IT Support

Start up companies or smaller to medium sized companies usually cannot afford their own internal IT Department. Support of their IT Infrastructure quickly becomes a weakness with smaller companies, as lack of knowledge in the IT industry starts becoming an issue when technical issues with their IT equipment and software applications arise. These issues are not easily solved if you don’t have the required technical experience to fix the issues at hand. These companies also suffer from slower networks and also struggle to keep their productivity levels consistent due to having a slow and unprofessional third-party IT service provider.

You can easily solve this issue by dealing with a more professional IT Company that is experienced in the industry with a special focus on customer service. Cryptic IT Solutions is a highly experienced IT Service Provider in Durban, South Africa that deals with all major business sectors across South Africa. We offer IT Support that is affordable for a company of any size and our turnaround times are unmatched by anybody in our industry. Our focus is to help grow your business, minimize downtime, enhance your productivity and give you the best possible customer experience.

Lack Of Storage Space

As your company grows more, your IT requirements become more demanding and one of the main factors that are usually not considered is storage space on your servers. As you gain a bigger customer base, you will require additional space on your servers to be able to store all of this information with adequate backups being done regularly. We recommend to all our clients that they consider switching over to a more effective Cloud Solution that can be used to store your critical company data. Cloud Services make is possible for you to always stay connected to your data and applications using high speed secure networks. This is due to the fact that there is adequate load balancing and redundancy involved with automatic failover which guarantees that you always have access to your Cloud environment 99.9% of the time.

Lack Of Flexibility

With our Cloud Solutions, your employees will be able to access their applications, email, and documents from anywhere at anytime on almost any device. This level of flexibility is also very cost effective for a business of any size as there is usually only a month to month cost involved.

We recommend that you seek advice from professional IT Company to assist your business with keeping your IT Infrastructure up to date and functioning optimally. We have a very diverse client base and we are able to meet the demands of any business. Contact us today and we will do a comprehensive IT Audit to better understand the requirements of your business, before implementing an effective solution for the long-term success of your company.

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