Cryptic IT Solutions offers premium IT Network Support Services to businesses of any size. We have been proven to enhance network speeds by 3 times and have offered the most improvement over any other Provider in the IT industry. Our strategic approach to understanding any company’s network system and implementing solutions based on their requirements makes us one of the best IT Network providers in the IT industry. We understand that a company network is essential to how successful a company is going to be which is why we always deliver on what we promise.

IT Network Issues We Can Assist You With:

  • Troubleshooting and resolving any potential wireless issues
  • Laptop Wifi connection issues
  • Slow or unstable internet connectivity
  • WiFi Routers
  • WiFi coverage of the whole office to ensure that all employees are able to access the network
  • Installing and setting up wireless routers
  • We offer our own business internet packages that offer both speed and cost effectiveness
  • We also provide both onsite and Virtual IT Support to compliment our stellar connection services

Cryptic IT Solutions have expert IT Network technicians that can solve WiFi connection problems, network coverage, WiFi strength issues according to your individual area and we also assess all devices to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

Here Are Some Tips For Troubleshooting WiFi Connection Issues In Small Businesses Along With Solutions For Fixing Them:

Find The Root Of The Connection Issue By Answering The Following:

  • Is the power source working?
  • Is your WiFi able to cover the whole office?
  • Are the antennas facing upwards and how many are there?
  • Are your hard drives being backed up regularly?
  • Are there other WiFi networks nearby and is it interfering with your connection?
  • Are all devices in the office connected to the WiFi network?
  • Are you using a WiFi extender or booster and how far of a range does it cover?

Fix Any Network Connection Issues:

  • Reboot your your workstation of server
  • Check for any loose cables and make sure that all network cables are plugged in
  • Reset the modem and ensure that all indicators are green and flashing
  • Do a Ping test from each workstation to the router to ensure that you are connected

How To Setup A Wireless Router:

All routers are different and they are able to handle different amounts of device connections at a time. If you are a larger company and you have over 100 employees in the office then you are most likely going to need a more advanced router to be able to handle all device connections at the same time. If you are a smaller business with just a few workstations then a smaller router would be good enough for your purpose. Setting up a router is very simple and can be done in just a few simple steps.

  • All routers will have LAN(Local Are Network) and WAN(Wide Area Network) ports which look similar but are usually different colours. You are going to connect your router to the modem through the WAN port which is usually usually yellow and is labelled as “internet”.
  • An ethernet cable is the cable that runs from each of your devices such as your computer to the router. Connect the ethernet cable into both WAN ports of each modem
  • The second ethernet cable will be plugged into the LAN ports of your  computer or laptop
  • Once all network cables are plugged in, you can now plug in the power adaptor
  • Now that your router is on and functioning, check on your laptop whether you have an active WiFi connection and check on your desktop computers if you have an internet connection
  • In the routers configuration section, add your router settings into the address bar
  • WiFi uses specific codes to reach the correct devices. Check on the router that the code is correct when it is set up

If you are looking to deal with a professional IT Network provider then Cryptic IT Solutions is the solution for you. We can help assist your business with any WiFI or connection issues you may be facing and have you up and running in no time. Click the button below to deal with a professional IT Company today!