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Fast & Reliable Business Internet Access Is Simply A Necessity

Would it be possible to run your business without an internet connection? South Africans along with the rest of the world have become so reliant on having an internet connection- be it private or commercial.

Having a reliable internet access is vital for the productivity of your business and Cryptic IT Solutions can certainly assist your business choose the best Internet Service Provider(ISP) that not only offers fast & reliable internet access, but will also fit your requirements.

In the world that we are now living in, fast and reliable internet access has become simply non-negotiable for all businesses. Having good internet access has become so vital to a company’s productivity and success.

Everything in your business which includes customer communication, online payments and company applications depend on quick and reliable internet access.

Business Internet Connectivity

Which Internet Solution Is Best For Your Business?

The right solution for you depends on your business requirements. The main factors that need to be considered are the amount of users, connection type, bandwidth speed, monthly cost, scalability, flexibility, adaptability, and customer support.

It is important that you fully understand the difference between various internet access packages and and service providers. We believe that having some basic information of internet connectivity services makes the decision making process so much easier for the customer.

With so many service providers available to the general public, it can be very difficult and time consuming to select a service provider that is best suited to your company’s needs and requirements.

To save you all the hassle of the above and to save you both time and money, we will analyze your business requirements and determine which is the best possible fir your business.


We Offer The Following Internet Services:

Fiber Internet

Blazing internet speeds via technology that enables data transmission through fiber optic cable.

Wireless Connectivity

The most hassle free solution as this solutions requires no wires or cables and enables data transmission via radio waves.

LTE Internet

LTE internet is cellular wireless internet for your company. This offers the quickest installation and provides blazing fast speeds of up to 69 Mbps.

Business ADSL

Although not the quickest, this still remains a very cost effective internet solution for businesses with a smaller budget. We have some of the cheapest ADSL packages available for businesses.

Why companies Choose Us As Their Preferred IT Company?

Cryptic IT Solutions is regarded as one of the leading IT Support Companies in South Africa and we boast a proven track record of industry leading levels of service using the most sophisticated technology to do so. Our goal is to evaluate a company IT infrastructure for potential and provide the most effective solutions to these issues. Cryptic IT Solutions aims to not only meet expectations, but exceed them and provide maximum customer satisfaction.

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