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We maintain good relationships with all our clients and we are renowned for our professional, reliable and speedy IT support. At Cryptic we believe that IT should optimize your business for maximum productivity and not hinder its progress.

Now is the best time to move your business to the cloud and make use of this amazing technology. Your company will no longer have to worry about physical onsite servers or data storage devices being damaged or stolen.

Cloud Services have been around for a decade now and all our clients have been enjoying the massive benefits that Cloud Computing offers to their businesses.

Your IT Services will be hosted in a DataCenter where your Cloud Environment can be accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime. Your IT Services are also kept safe of theft from hackers.

Here Is A Brief Explanation On Cloud Computing

Cloud services are completely changing the way all businesses function and this comes as no surprise as Cloud Computing has become such a hot topic recently among small to medium sized business owners looking to implement this cost effective IT solution into their businesses. Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way businesses are able to store and access data with such ease and emphasis on security.

The important question here is what is Cloud Computing? Simply put, Cloud computing is hosting software and data on offsite servers or servers not within your company premises, which are then accessed remotely via a secure connection. This eliminates the need for costly onsite servers and data storage devices within your company. This also means that you no longer have to spend large up-front cash on servers and software. The only cost that a company will then have is access to an offsite server and technical support. Companies offering Cloud Services have made Cloud Computing even more flexible by offering payment plans on a monthly basis and allow you to fully customize your package by paying only for the service you need and when you need it.

The amount of benefits that your business can gain from Cloud Computing is quite evident which is why many of our clients at Cryptic are now switching over to Cloud Computing and reaping the benefits in their respective companies. The advantages become even more evident in small to medium sized companies, where flexibility and adaptability are so important. Due to the fact that there is no need to invest in additional server cost, Cloud Computing offers infinite amount of scalability. If you need additional resources you simply upgrade your plan and you only pay for what you use. This full optimizes the way IT Support is done as we can access your systems remotely via the cloud to assist with any issues you may be having without interrupting any users.

There is no denying that Cloud Computing is not only the future, but it is the present also. Cryptic can assist your business with progressively migrating all of your systems, so that you and your employees can slowly move away from traditional computing and into Cloud Computing. Moving your IT systems into the cloud is sure to save your business both time and money. Click below to contact us and enquire more about Cloud Services.

The Benefits Of Our Cloud Computing

Cloud services are completely changing the way all businesses function and this comes as no surprise as Cloud Computing has become such a hot topic recently among small to medium sized business owners looking to implement this cost effective IT solution into their businesses. Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way businesses are able to store and access data with such ease and emphasis on security. If you have heard about Cloud Computing in the past but have not yet understood the benefits of it then it may be time for your business to gain a leg on the competitors and let Cryptic IT Solutions assist you with integrating this amazing technology into your business. Here are some of the main benefits of Cloud Computing and why you need to consider migrating to this technology:

Cost Reduction – The main benefit of this Cloud Computing is that your company no longer needs expensive server machines. Servers can be extremely costly as an upfront cost and is not feasible enough for smaller businesses trying to cut back on costs. Servers can also be costly to maintain as they don’t have long lifetime values. Using Cloud Computing means that you no longer have to invest in expensive servers and hosting costs are much cheaper and can be paid on a monthly basis rather than paying huge upfront amounts.

Increased Storage Capacity – Due to the fact that Cloud Computing is internet based with shared resources, companies can store more data in the cloud than they could on private PCs or workstations.

Updates Are Automated – Updates and upgrades are dealt with much simpler by the Cloud Computer network. Only cursory examination is required from people who are concerned about security. From compatibility to system integration – Cloud has you automatically covered.

Mobile Office – You are able to easily access all of your applications and data allowing you to keep on track with company work regardless of where you are. Cloud Computing allows you to access your documents and emails at the touch of a button.

IT Provider Innovation – With us as your IT Provider we will no longer need to perform manual checks, scans and upgrades on a physical onsite server. We can instead spend our resources on implementing customized solutions with an improved ROI on your company.

What is Cloud Computing?

FAQS For Our Cloud Services

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the use of software, applications or services that are accessed over the internet using Cloud service providers.

Why Does Your Company Need Cloud Services?

The need for data storage and accessibility becomes even greater the bigger your business becomes. Using physical onsite servers and local storage can greatly inhibit the growth of your business. Having physical onsite equipment leaves your company vulnerable to theft or physical damage, viruses and system failures which could cost your company lots of money and critical data being stolen. Our hosted services will ensure that you have access to your data from anywhere at anytime. Our Cloud Services also keep your critical company info safe from any theft or damage and very cost effective. Below are some other reasons why you should consider integrating Cloud Computing into your business today:

  • Eliminate the costs of having a physical server on company premises
  • This solution offers the most scalability
  • Using Cloud Services means you no longer have to worry about maintenance of physical IT equipment on company premises, so it is highly advised that you choose a reliable Cloud service provider
  • This solution results in huge cost reductions for your company

Are Cloud Services Secure And Reliable To Use?

Most cloud service providers will maintain an uptime of around 99.9% for their servers which results in minimal loss of productivity for your company. All Cloud services use redundancy and load balancing to ensure that companies are always able to access their cloud environment.

Can You Access Cloud Services Using Your Mobile Phone?

You can access your cloud service environment from almost any device which includes your computer, cellphone and tablet device. Once you have logged into your account, your information is then able to sync across to all your devices.

Are Cloud Services Costly?

Cloud Services are a very cost effective solution for companies low on budget and Cloud services are only paid on a month to month basis making this solution a low barrier with small to medium sized businesses. There are no upfront costs involved with using our Cloud Services.

Hosted Servers

Never have to worry about your physical onsite servers being stolen or failing ever again. We host your servers for you with 99.9% uptime for maximum productivity

Cloud Backups

With our Cloud Backup Services, you will never have to worry about losing data ever again and all your data remains accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world

Web Hosting Services

Get your company website hosted with us and enjoy the benefits of having a website that loads at fast speeds with minimal downtime and guarantees 99.9% uptime. 

Hosted Exchange

Do electronic communications through our secure, speed optmized server with minimal downtime making sure you always have access to your emails

Hosted SharePoint

Host all your company documents in the cloud with our Sharepoint services ensuring you have access from anywhere in the world. 

Excellent Support

We offer speedy and professional support for all our hosted services and our technicians are always ready to assist you with any issues you may be having. 


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