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We understand the importance of having a well maintained network infrastructure and the benefits that it provides to any company. With our Network Support, your company will always be online 99.9% guaranteed and any network issues will be dealt with by our network engineers both quickly and efficiently. We are an IT Networking Company that reduces your network downtime and reduces your company expenses over the long run.

Why Should You Choose Us?

A professional network infrastructure can go a long way in determining whether you have happy or frustrated end users. 

At Cryptic we always ensure that our clients company networks are always built on a strong infrastructure for maximum productivity. We believe that all networks should function as fast as possibly can and always be stable with minimal downtime. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small, medium or large corporate business, your company should always have a strong network infrastructure for it to be successful. We make sure your company is always connected with the best IT Networking Solutions. 

Company Network Audit

We will do a comprehensive audit of your entire IT Network infrastructure and find areas that are in need of improvement

Installing Network Equipment

After designing a suitable Network infrastructure for your company, we will install all the necessary network equipment for you 

Ongoing Network Support

Once we have your network functioning smoothly, we offer ongoing network support for any network issues you may encounter

We Offer World Class Server And Network Support

Your network setup is vital to the way your company functions and is an essential component of your IT system that connects all your network devices together and allows them to communicate with each other such as desktops, laptops, printers, email company files etc.

Think of the network as the engine in your business

Your server is responsible for nearly all essential tasks in your business such as security management, document permissions, important applications, and of course is used for data storage. An issue with this device could cause a serious bottleneck on daily company operations.

Ongoing Daily Network Support

At Cryptic, we offer our clients a complete network support solution that consists of both onsite and remote IT support that are always ready to assist you with any issues. 

We Are The Network Professionals

Our highly experienced team of network engineers will make sure that your network and security is functioning optimally. 

IT Network And Server Support

Why Do I Need Professional IT Network Support

In order for your business to run successfully there are two specific issues that need to addressed. They are information and communication. Without both, a company would simply not survive and are vital to a company being successful. Most companies have more than just phones, fax machines and other handheld devices. 

Having a functioning network is a vital part of a businesses success. Networking allows all machines in your IT infrastructure to communicate with each other to share essential information and allow a company to work more efficiently. At Cryptic we ensure that your company network is always running optimally with minimal downtime or interruptions to company productivity. 

Elite Onsite & Remote Support

We always remain connected to your network and at the click of a button we are ready to assist. Our engineers are highly experienced and have high levels of professionalism. 

Outstanding Service Levels

Cryptic IT Solutions remains a friendly, reliable and professional IT Support company. We are always dependable when needed the most by our clients!

National Presence

We are a Durban based IT company but we offer services all over South Africa which include Gauteng and Cape Town so we are always ready to help you and your business!

The Latest Technology

Use the latest and best technology by implementing this onto your company network. Using the righ technology allows for a faster, more secure and efficient network.

Secure Cloud Data Storage

We host all of your critical company data a secure server which makes protects it from hackers trying to steal company info for ransom.  

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