Outsource Your IT Infrastructure To A Company That Optimizes Your Company Network For Maximum Uptime And Reduces Your Company Costs!

By outsourcing your IT needs to us, we ensure that your businesses IT infrastructure is always running smoothly and users experience minimal downtime or interruptions. We believe that customer service is vital and we aim to be not just your IT provider, but to be an extension of your company. At Cryptic we believe that your IT should increase your business productivity and not slow it down.

By Outsourcing your IT requirements to us, you can then focus on growing your business while we optimize your business productivity for success. We will manage your entire infrastructure on daily basis and ensure that any faults and bottlenecks to your entire IT infrastructure are dealt with in a timely manner minimizing your company downtime. 

We will ensure that your company is fully optimized, up to date with the latest technology, and ensure that your company costs are greatly reduced. 

What Outsourced IT Services Do We Offer?

Desktop And Laptop Support

We offer rapid onsite and remote Desktop or Laptop support which increased company productivity

Computer Maintenance

We monitor and check the health of all computers within your organization to ensure that they are all functioning optimally

Server Maintenance

We do regular check on your servers to ensure that they are functionally optimally with no downtime

Network Support

A smooth running and optimized network ensures that you are always online and functioning optimally

Monitored Backups

We set up and check daily backups and ensure that they are being replicated to a secure offsite server

Software Access & Support

We supply your company with the latest software and ensure that updates are being done regularly

Website Design

We will build you a beautiful and professional company website optimized for conversions

Cloud Services

Get rid of physical onsite servers and reduce costs by migrating your company to Cloud Hosted services and your chances of data loss

Professional IT Support

Our highly experienced and professional IT Support team are always ready to assist you with any IT issues you may be having

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your IT To Us

We Save Your Company More Money!

Our IT SLA agreements are designed to save your company money and our pricing structures are simple and easy to understand with no hidden costs.

Hiring your own internal IT team can become costly to your business as your will have to pay additional recruitment costs, added company benefits and also provide them with training which results in more money being spent as IT is an ever evolving industry where keeping your skills current and up to date has to be spent on additional education.

We understand that hiring your own team of IT professionals can become costly. Our solutions helps to reduce your company costs.

By outsourcing your IT infrastructure to Cryptic, your business will be able to budget and plan more effectively while having a reliable IT provider that you can depend on always. This is why using us can be extremely beneficial to your business as we design our costing around your company’s requirements and don’t end up overcharging you on unnecessary costs. Our IT support system is designed to keep our customers satisfied and happier in the long term.

No Internal IT Staff Needed

Hiring your own internal team of IT professionals can be tricky if you don’t have a technical background. Without the right technical knowledge you may not know what skills are required in order to perform daily IT tasks effectively and they may not be able to meet your company’s requirements.

Recruiting an IT support teams team can be a confusing and time consuming process. If you are not an IT savvy person, you can easily be confused with overwhelmed with high levels of technical jargon. In the long run this could end up being a more costly option for your business if you employ the incorrect IT staff required.

This concern is eliminated when you use us as your preferred IT provider. We are a team of highly trained professionals that are able to manage and maintain an IT infrastructure of any size and are always there when you need us.

Our IT Services Allow You To Focus On Your Own Business

We understand that business owners value their time over anything else. As a business owner you would rather be focusing on optimizing your business to maximize its income and meeting the demands of all customers. You don’t want to be wasting time trying to sort out a computer, internet or printer issue on a busy day as this can dramatically hinder your company’s ability to progress the more often you experience IT issues.

It is important that a company has a backup plan in place and a plan to restore lost data in the event of a disaster. It is also important that a company is making use Cloud Services to ensure adequate offsite storage. At Cryptic we will happily perform a complete audit on your entire IT infrastructure and implement the best solutions into your business allowing your business to focus on reaching its monthly and yearly goals.

We Make Use Of The Most Modern Technology

The IT industry changed rapidly on a daily basis with new technologies being invented and it has become difficult to keep up. We make sure that your company is always using the latest products, software upgrades and applications to increase your productivity and help your business to grow to its full potential.

Having an Outsourced IT Provider that is always remaining up to date with the latest technology inventions can greatly benefit your company. We make use of technologies that are designed to enhance your company efficiency and allow you to have more satisfied customers.

Cryptic will do an IT audit of your company infrastructure and implement our solutions while providing top notch IT Support to compliment all of it.

We Give Your Company An Online Presence

We design professional websites that give your company a more professional online presence. A company website today is like your business card and it is essential that all company’s now have a professional website as more customers daily are searching for new company’s online. We design and host professional looking websites that are very cost effective and are tailor made to your company requirements


Let us show you why are the best in the business by choosing us your preferred IT partner today!