How To Transfer Windows From One Hard Drive To Another

Most people that buy new hard drives or replacing older worn out hard drives assume that migrating windows to a new hard drive is a daunting process. This however is not the case as there is something called "cloning". This is the process of simply mirroring everything of your old hard drive onto your new

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The Best IT Support Technician For Your Company

With the way technology has advanced in recent years, having a skilled computer IT Technician for any company is vital to ensuring your company is able to function optimally daily by ensuring that both your hardware and software issues are resolved as quickly as possible. IT Technicians are responsible for troubleshooting and resolving computer or

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How To Resolve The 5 Most Common IT Issues In Your Business

The digital world is changing so quickly today on a daily basis that this makes keeping your IT hardware and software updated regularly more challenging. Keeping your IT infrastructure updated is so important to making sure that your entire IT System is functioning optimally with minimal amount of disruptions. Employees from all over the world

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Who Is The Best Computer Manufacturer On The Market?

There are so many computer manufacturers now in the market and it can be confusing for business owners or normal people just looking to purchase a new computer whether it may be a laptop or desktop. With a variety of brands now available that include Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Dell, Samsung and even Apple Computers,

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What Is The Best Laptop For Your Business?

Laptops have recently become highly popular for most business owners due to COVID and most employees have had to spend most of 2020 working from home. This has seen laptops become a necessity during the pandemic for most companies and even educational institutions. Google search trends have shown that there has been a significant increase

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The Risks Of Not Updating Your IT Hardware And Software

Updating your IT equipment on a regular basis such as your hardware and software applications can have a huge impact on your company in terms of the overall security of your infrastructure and profitability of your company. Due to the financial impact that the Pandemic has caused and with many companies not being able to

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How To Keep Your Computer Running Fast

Having A Faster Computer Greatly Increases Productivity Having a computer that is able to boot up and open up programs quickly can greatly help you increase your productivity and not force you into wasting minutes waiting for a particular application to open up resulting in lost worktime. All computers are bound to get slower over

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Why Should You Format Your Computer Hard Drive?

What Exactly Are The Benefits Of Formatting Your Hard Drive? If your computer has a traditional hard drive installed and it is a few years old you may notice that your computer starts to get slower and less responsive. Most people will assume that it is the RAM or CPU that is the issues but

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How To Improve Your Productivity

Maximize Your Company Productivity With These Hacks! Swap out the old hard drive(HDD) with a Solid-State Drive(SSD) Having an SSD installed in your Desktop or laptop computer can have a huge impact on the speed at which your computer is able to run. Your computer will boot up much faster, applications, files and folders will

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