Laptops have recently become highly popular for most business owners due to COVID and most employees have had to spend most of 2020 working from home. This has seen laptops become a necessity during the pandemic for most companies and even educational institutions.

Google search trends have shown that there has been a significant increase in the search volume for the term “laptops” in the year 2020 during the lockdown within South Africa. When the lockdown was announced in March the amount of searches was at 27,100, in April the amount of searches were drastically increased to over 49,000, and in May the amount of searches peaked at 74,000 searches. When businesses were allowed to resume in July the amount of searches did decrease however there are still many businesses still operating remotely for safety precautions and if you are still one of those businesses then you should read further to find out which are the best types of laptops your company should be considering.

Before the Pandemic laptops were mainly used for people who are mostly on the move and needed an easier way to get access to a normal working computer which is why smaller, lighter laptops with a long lasting battery was the most popular. The Pandemic however changed that as businesses were now pretty much only using laptops and employees only had access to laptops and no desktop computer. Due to this most companies were opting for laptops with bigger 15 inch screens and numeric keypads instead of smaller 13 inch screens with no numeric keypads.

Laptops have now become essential to companies as people are now mostly working from home and they require laptops that have good performance with bigger screens to make working easier. Having a faster laptop has always been prioritized just like a desktop but it is now also being used for things like gaming, entertainment, and creativity.

Does Your Laptop Require An Extended Battery Time?

Battery life is usually not a huge factor if you are working from home and you have easy access to a charging point, however with South Africa currently in a load shedding crisis and power outages become more common, having a laptop with good battery life has certainly become a bigger factor in ensuring that you are able to work through the load shedding. Leading IT Companies in Durban, like Cryptic IT Solutions, who provide leading IT Support Services, IT Hardware, and IT Network Services usually do comprehensive IT Audits of the companies they deal with to have a clear understanding of each of their clients require. To help deal with load shedding better and keep you working a bit longer a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is highly advised as they are inexpensive and very useful especially during load shedding.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Laptop? 

On average a laptop lasts between 3 to 5 years. There are 2 types of life expectancy factors to consider. First is Operational lifespan which refers to how long your laptop will be able to function, and then there is useful lifespan which refers to how long a computer will be able to handle newer updates and more advanced applications as they arrive on the market. Cryptic offers a wide variety of laptops that offer high performance and are also cost effective to fit your budget better.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Laptop?

Obviously you should avoid dropping your laptop and your laptop should also be kept away from water, heat or dust. It advised that you also don’t eat near your laptop as food can go inside your laptop through the keyboard and cause internal damage. When working with your laptop, we recommend working on a hard surface such as a table and avoid working on softer surfaces such as your bed as this can cause overheating.

Which Laptop Should You Choose?

With the amount of manufacturers now available on the market and different models available, choosing a laptop can be quite daunting for someone who is less tech savvy. The first factor we recommend you to consider is whether the laptop will be used for business, gaming or personal use. Design, quality, performance and budget considerations follow after that.

If You Are Unsure About What Type Of Laptop You Need Then Feel Free To Contact Us And We Will Happily Assist You!