Reduce Business Risks By Utilizing Cloud Services

Cloud services have become vital in recent years within most businesses as they assist in reducing costs, increasing revenue and ramping up productivity which has a huge impact in the way a company is able to function. One of the main solutions includes migrating all your IT Services to a more secure cloud environment which

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Why Do Smaller Companies Need IT Support Services?

Companies that are growing and don't have good IT Support being provided daily usually struggle to keep up with the demands of their customers and end up with frustrated employees due to their IT Infrastructure being patchy and always experiencing downtime. This doesn't have to be the case, as dealing with a professional IT Company

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Why Your Company Network Requires Advanced Threat Protection

IT Security has now become more important and essential than ever and this is especially the case for companies as they are most at risk of being hacked. Some attacks can look completely harmless and can start with a harmless-looking email that can be used to trick less tech savvy users. With the way the

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Why IT Downtime Is Ruining Your Business

IT Downtime is basically a scenario in which basically your computer, an application or even your entire IT Infrastructure is unusable due to either a technical problem, bad service or a bad infrastructure design. Most business owners don't realize the long term effects that company downtime can have on your business and don't consider the

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Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus Solution?

Is Having An Anti-Virus Solutions Really Necessary? Why Should You Pay For Antivirus Software? Support: Usually with free antivirus solutions you don't receive any technical support and are forced to look online at forums and videos to try and fix an issue you may be having with a free antivirus solution. By having a paid

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Protect Your Business From Phishing Attacks

What are Phishing emails? Phishing emails are sent the intention of getting in innocent user to click on a link and enter their personal details on a website that looks like a legit website. The website that you are redirected to will look genuine by having the logo and branding look exactly like a company

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Protect Your Company From Ransomware

Ransomware over the last few years has become very common among the customers that we have dealt with and there have been so many cases where ransomware had crippled a companies ability to continue production. Some companied took months or years to recover from these ransomware attacks and some companies even went out of business.

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How Do I Protect My Company From Hackers?

In this day and age it is vital that we take the necessary steps to protect our important information such as documents, pictures, and any other essential documents for financial reasons. Without taking the necessary steps to protect our sensitive information, Hackers can gain access to your workstation or server and use your critical information

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Why Is IT Security So Important For Your Company?

On a daily basis there are no threat in the IT world being created and new viruses being created daily. Professional hackers design new ways to hack your data everyday and IT security now become more important than ever in a company's network. In the world that we are living, anybody could access your sensitive

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