Cloud services have become vital in recent years within most businesses as they assist in reducing costs, increasing revenue and ramping up productivity which has a huge impact in the way a company is able to function. One of the main solutions includes migrating all your IT Services to a more secure cloud environment which drastically reduces downtime as you are no longer at risk of unexpected disasters such as theft or damage and instead all data is stored on a secure server offsite. These kind of disasters can drastically impact a company’s bottom line over time.

Secure Your Company Data

Due to the fact that using cloud services completely eliminates any potential onsite server failures which can cause downtime, employees are still able to keep working and be productive with minimal disruptions. This results in a more enhanced customer experience. All your company’s sensitive data is also protected and this kind of information is usually very sensitive therefore it is vital that it is stored in a secure location. Using a cloud backup solution ensures that your data is backed up regularly and replicated. All your data is then easily restorable allowing you to continue working. Having an offsite cloud solution also prevents any theft, loss of files or data corruption.

Maintain Productivity

Most cloud based services uses licensing and is hosted from a secure cloud location that delivers everything which includes email solutions, accounting packages and customer service software solutions. The main advantage to this is that in the event of an unexpected outage, your team are able to continue working keep productivity flowing as everything is cloud-based as compared to having a less efficient onsite solution.

Reduce Reliance On External Suppliers

A lot of your IT Services will be hosted in the cloud which will reduce the need of your company being so reliant on external suppliers. The first advantage of this is that your company expenses will be reduced as you won’t be paying different suppliers their own separate fee for certain equipment or services and instead you are just paying one fixed fee every month for cloud services to a professional IT Company who also provide customer support. The second advantage is that this solution is more secure as less companies have access to your sensitive company data which reduces the chance of company information being compromised.

Eliminate The Need To Hire Staff And Train Them

Having a fully managed cloud service eliminates the need for your company to hire an internal IT Team and training them which saves you a lot of money in the long run. Automation is the future and it heavily impacts a company’s ability to be more profitable.

Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

In the event of an unexpected disaster such as theft, fire, flooding or internal sabotage, your data is easily restorable as it is being stored securely in the cloud. This helps to reduce your downtime and keep your company moving.

At Cryptic we believe need to have an effective Disaster Recovery plan, which allows them to quickly restore their company data and systems to its most recent state before the disaster occurred.

Easily Scalable For All Companies

Having an effective cloud solution allows your company to easily scale your cloud solution package to the current requirements of your business. This allows your business to minimize unnecessary costs as you will only be paying for what you are using and not wasting money on resources that are not being used.

This is one of the main reason as to why Cloud computing has become so popular over recent years as it is suitable for companies off all sizes and can be tailored to the requirements of your company to ensure you are maximizing your return on investment.

Cryptic IT Solutions assists all their clients with migrating all their company data to the cloud more efficiently while providing outstanding customer support. We also provide an effective audit of your entire company to better understand the requirements of your company, we assist companies with:

  • Reducing unnecessary IT costs
  • Enhancing your IT Security
  • Making sure that your IT Systems are up to date and running smoothly
  • Ensuring backups are being done regularly with effective disaster recovery plans

If you unsure whether your business has an effective IT Solution, get in touch with Cryptic today and let us help you!

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