What is A VPN And Why You Should Consider Making Use Of It

A VPN has become more common in recent times however many people are not aware of what the purpose of it really is and why you it is necessary for some users. One of the most common misconceptions about VPN services is that it is often associated with business purposes and encouraging your employees to

How To Protect Your Electronics During Load Shedding

Load shedding in South Africa unfortunately is expected to last a while longer and there is no signs of it ending soon as power cuts have become more common in recent weeks. Not being prepared for load shedding can cause damage to your electronic devices which is why we have come up with some important

Why Does My Business Have Network Connection Problems?

Cryptic IT Solutions offers premium IT Network Support Services to businesses of any size. We have been proven to enhance network speeds by 3 times and have offered the most improvement over any other Provider in the IT industry. Our strategic approach to understanding any company's network system and implementing solutions based on their requirements

How Does Network Downtime Affect Your Business?

All successful companies know the importance of having a fast and stable internet connection as this can seriously impact a company's ability to work faster and get things done quicker. Having a patchy network connection results in your network being slow and causes frustration among users as this can hamper company progression. Most companies do

Why Your Business Needs A Fast Internet Connection

Dealing with Internet Service Providers that don't understand how a productive business runs can heavily slow down the productivity in your business. At Cryptic we provide your business with the  best internet connection solutions for your company and ensure that you are always online and staying productive with minimal downtime. Whether you are a small,