Load shedding in South Africa unfortunately is expected to last a while longer and there is no signs of it ending soon as power cuts have become more common in recent weeks. Not being prepared for load shedding can cause damage to your electronic devices which is why we have come up with some important tips that you can use to help ensure that your devices are protected during load shedding.

Prior Planning

We advise you to always keep track of the load shedding schedule so you can make sure that all your devices are charged fully when the lights do go out. There are various applications available on both IOS and Android Devices that you can use to keep track of load shedding and one of our favourite apps is the “EskomSePush” load shedding app which gives you the time and duration of load shedding in any area.

Turn Your Desktop Computers Off

If you don’t have a UPS(Uninterruptable Power Supply) or a surge protector plug, we recommend that you switch your desktop off before power gets cut as power surges can cause wear and tear on your computer in the long term which is why we recommend turning them off before the lights go out.

Buy Yourself A Power Bank

One of the most handy devices to have is a power bank which allows you charge your electronic devices when the lights do go out. Make sure that your power bank is always charged or at a healthy battery level for this to be an effective solution.

Get A Laptop Instead

Probably one of the more obvious choices is to get a laptop. We recommend getting a laptop with an extended battery life. Having an extended battery life will prevent you from being disrupted while working.

Invest In An Uninterruptable Power Supply

Getting a small UPS can keep your essential devices operating during power cuts. A 600W UPS won’t be able to keep your PC running for very long
and instead should be used for shutting it down properly. It can however be used for keeping your router running for a few hours which means that you will still have internet access on all your devices even during a power cut.

Consider Getting LTE

Sometimes when the power goes out, your Telkom exchange can also be affected by it and you won’t have internet access available on your router so investing in 3G or LTE solution will be necessary if you really need internet access during a load shedding period.

Using Failover

If you have a router that supports 3G failover and you have invested in a decent UPS, then you can simply insert a 3G USB dongle to the back of your router which will provide an uninterrupted experience and automatic failover to your 3G dongle when the power goes out. Be aware that mobile data rates are usually quite expensive.

Store Your Passwords In A Safe Place

In some cases we have come across clients who lose their router settings after a power cut. If this happens to you, then you will need your router password and and username on in order to reconfigure it again instead of having to phone your ISP or IT Company and having them do it for you.

Wait A Few Minutes

Once power comes back, we recommend that you wait a few minutes before switching on your important devices as power can sometimes go off again after a power cut if there is a problem with the grid in your area.

Router Doesn’t Have Internet Access

There may sometimes be cases where your router will not have internet access after a power cut. If this is happening to you then this probably means there is an issue with your local exchange. Your router may have also lost its settings in which case we recommend restarting it. If this has not fixed the issue, then you will need to login to the router and reconfigure its settings.

Get A Surge Protector

This is a cheap yet effective solution to protect your devices from any physical damage. A surge protector plug is available at most electronics stores.

Be Prepared

Load shedding is here to stay for a few more years and being prepared for it is the best we can do to ensure that our electronics are protected. By using the tips above you will not only be protected, but you will also be able to continue working even during load shedding.

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