Our company is based on quality of service and we ensure that our clients have their IT issues resolved as quick as possible. There is no point in paying an IT Company that are going to make you wait 24-48 hours to have an issue resolved. We understand how important customer service is which is we always keep our clients updated on issues as we are resolving them, ensuring that you have the best possible experience with us. Our promise is to you is that we will be attending to your issue within minutes with a quick turnaround time.

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Poor planning and an inability to properly assess a company’s IT Systems before implementing any solutions is one of the biggest downfalls with many IT Companies today and you are most likely dealing with this issue at the moment. Poor prior planning is one of the biggest contributors to poor and slow customer service. Without this, your company’s IT Infrastructure will be unable to function optimally. With Cryptic, we plan out your IT Network effectively ensuring longevity, efficiency and scalability.

As a business owner that is trying to grow your business, your priority should not be to worry about your IT Infrastructure and instead you should be outsourcing this to a qualified IT Company that will be able to deal with your IT requirements on a daily basis, allowing your business to thrive and grow to new heights. We always prioritize having an open communication with our clients and we make contacting us very simple with a variety of ways to contacts us which include emails, Whatsapp, or calling us on our mobile or landline number.

We believe that effective communication is one of the main factors in what makes an IT Company successful. We advise you to deal with an IT Company that cares about your business and helps not only keep your IT infrastructure optimally, but also grows your business.

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