Hiring your own internal team of IT professionals can be costly for smaller to medium sized businesses looking to have an effective IT Support Service solution. Smaller business owners need to be more conscious of keeping their costs down, maximizing their productivity, and increasing their profit margins. With the the situation of the world at the moment and with the current pandemic, most companies IT departments, are usually the first area that costs are being cut.

In recent years, it is not only corporate and technology companies that now require effective IT Support Services, but most smaller businesses are now becoming more dependent on complex integrations of hardware, software and cloud services that handle many connections at a time.

There are 3 options available for businesses seeking IT Support which are Onsite IT Support, Remote IT Support and a hybridised solution which is a combination of both.

Onsite IT Support

Having onsite IT Support is more for bigger companies who require a technician to be on your company premises for a certain amount of hours in a day, usually determined by the SLA(Service Level Agreement). This is usually a more costly solution and is for companies who experience more issues and hardware problems on a daily basis such as a server crash, computer booting issue or connection problems. These kind of issues usually cannot be fixed remotely and would require a technician to have physical access to the computer. Another advantage to this solution is that the technician on your company premises becomes more familiar with the IT Setup and is able to fix issues more efficiently over time as he gains more familiarity with your company network which can be more beneficial to your company’s productivity.

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support allows an IT technician to have access to your computer remotely and from anywhere in the world usually over a secure remote connection software such as TeamViewer, SplashTop, or Anydesk. This type of IT Support solution has gained popularity in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This type of solution is usually for smaller businesses with smaller budgets that need quick and effective solutions to their IT issues. The reason why this IT solution is usually the cheapest is because there are no travelling costs incurred and usually will not require as much manpower as Onsite IT Support would require.

Disadvantages Of Onsite IT Support

While both these IT Support service options have their advantages, they also contain some disadvantages. Onsite IT Support can be costly for smaller businesses on a more tight budget. The longer a technician remains onsite in this model, the more costly it becomes and this solution becomes ineffective if the technician is not being used efficiently. After hour callouts can also be costly for major issues such as server crashes.

Disadvantages Of Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support also has its limitations. Physical hardware issues such as a computer not being able to boot or internet connection problems, usually cannot be fixed remotely and would require a technician to have physical access to the workstation in order to fix the issue.

A Hybrid Solution

While both Remote and Onsite Solutions have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, your business may require a combination of both which are offered by Cryptic IT Solutions. For bigger companies that have a lot of IT issues on a daily basis and require more than just one type of IT Service, we recommend that you look at a hybridised solution to get the best out of both types of IT Support models for your business.

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