There are a variety of different IT Solutions and services available by different IT Companies all over South Africa. For Small to Medium-sized businesses that don’t have the budget or knowledge on how to build a successful IT team, you should outsource your IT services to a professional IT Company. Having a successful IT company manage your IT infrastructure is vital to how your business will function and whether you can grow at a healthy rate. It is also important that you are not overpaying for IT services or paying for services that you don’t require as this can heavily reduce your profits in the long run. This is what makes Cryptic Solutions a preferred option to many companies as we tailor our IT service plans for businesses of all sizes and our pricing is based on the complexity of your network along with the number of devices that your company has.

When it comes to IT Support however then there are 3 options available for you to choose from and these are: Onsite IT Support, Remote IT Support, or a combination of both which would include both Onsite and Remote IT Support.

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support has become very common in recent times and especially during the Pandemic, this solution has become the preferred option for most businesses as their issues are dealt with remotely promptly without having a technician needing to be onsite. This is also the cheapest form of IT Support as there are no travel costs incurred and IT Companies can provide you with lower rates. This is the perfect solution for your business if you experience fewer hardware issues like a computer or server not rebooting and more software issues like Outlook not opening. With Cryptic you log a ticket with us and we get a technician to remote into your computer to try and troubleshoot the issue without having to physically be there with you.

Onsite IT Support

With Onsite IT Support, An IT Company will usually have an IT Technician spend a certain number of hours or have their IT Technician be on site every day, as stipulated by the IT Service Level Agreement. The biggest benefit to this is that the technician becomes more familiarized with the entire IT network much faster which can only be more beneficial to the client as issues will be resolved much quicker due to the higher level of understanding that the technician would have gained about the network. This is also most beneficial to companies that experience more hardware issues such as PC’s or servers that are not booting. If you have mostly older equipment onsite and they tend to give you issues that cause you to not be able to work then Onsite IT Support would be the preferred option over IT Support.

A Combination Of Both Remote And Onsite IT Support

Cryptic mostly deals with customers that require a combination of both as we’ve found that about 95% of issues can be fixed remotely. We offer both onsite and remote IT Support contracts at a fixed rate with no hidden costs which makes this much more effective for most businesses. If we are not able to fix an issue remotely then we will send a technician onsite to try and fix the issue at no additional cost. This also allows a business to better understand whether remote or onsite IT Support is more suited to them as we are flexible with our IT contracts and allow our customers to change their requirements if needed.

If you are looking for professional IT Support and are looking for a professional IT Company to get rid of your frustrations today then get in touch with Cryptic and let us help you!