Companies that are growing and don’t have good IT Support being provided daily usually struggle to keep up with the demands of their customers and end up with frustrated employees due to their IT Infrastructure being patchy and always experiencing downtime. This doesn’t have to be the case, as dealing with a professional IT Company that provides professional IT Support will help your business meet your client expectations, enhance productivity, and ensure that you have much happier staff. Your IT Systems will be maintained efficiently, patches and fixes will be done daily and IT issues will be dealt with much quicker. All this results in a company that is able to function more efficiently.

Choosing an IT Support company is an important decision to make in all companies as the quality of service you receive will determine how successful your company is in the long run. You should never have to worry about your IT Systems functioning smoothly and instead you should be focusing on trying to grow your business and letting a professional IT Company take care of all the IT issues.

Here Are Some Points Below To Help You Determine If You Have Picked The Right IT Service Provider:

Strategic IT Planning

This is one of the most important points to look at when choosing an IT Service provider and also an area many IT Companies struggle in. A lot of IT Companies today unfortunately are not able to meet their customers expectations due to the fact they do not do proper IT Audits or future planning to understand how their client’s IT Networks function efficiently which results in many issues over time and less than efficient IT Support being provided. Cryptic IT Solutions focuses on first planning an efficient IT System that focuses on business productivity and cost saving for your company. We then implement this solution and provide top notch IT Support on top of it.

Prioritizing Your Business IT Security

Every day there are new threats being invented and hackers are becoming more common than ever. Everyday there are businesses becoming victims of ransomware due to lack of proper IT Security. We focus on proactively dealing with your company’s IT Security by ensuring that proper barriers are in place with patches and updates being done daily.

Workstation And Server Patches

Patches should be done regularly to prevent any potential security preaches. Workstations and servers that are not being patched and receiving updates regularly are vulnerable to threats.

Outdated Operating Systems

Windows 7 stopped receiving any new patches in January 2020 along with other Server Operating systems. This simply means that Microsoft no longer provides any security updates for this Operating System and you should consider upgrading to a later operating system. Continuing to use an outdated operating system is risky and makes your business vulnerable to security breaches which is why we highly recommend you to consider upgrading to a later operating system immediately.

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