IT Downtime is basically a scenario in which basically your computer, an application or even your entire IT Infrastructure is unusable due to either a technical problem, bad service or a bad infrastructure design.

Most business owners don’t realize the long term effects that company downtime can have on your business and don’t consider the amount of hours that they could be losing the more IT Downtime occurs as this can add up overtime causing a company many hours of downtime costing you valuable productivity.

Cryptic IT Solutions has a proven strategy that ensures your company downtime is reduced drastically within a week and our methods are known to help our clients function at about 3 times faster than they initially could. We ensure that we maximize your uptime which over the long term will drastically increase your company revenue due to enhanced productivity.

Here Are The Most Important Changes Needed To Reduce Your IT Downtime:

A Better IT Solution

Having the correct hardware, software and the right IT Plan in place, your company’s productivity along with the speed and efficiency at which you are able to operate will be greatly increased resulting in higher profits. Your IT Provider should understand your IT Infrastructure properly and implement an IT System that is fully optimized to your company’s requirements.

Increased IT Security

Having a vulnerable network with lack of security protocols is putting your business in great danger. IT Security is essential for any business and is often overlooked until a business becomes a victim. By having good IT Security measures in place your company will avoid viruses, malware, spyware, theft of data and ransomware to name a few of the many threats out there. A network breach can cripple a company’s ability to recover if they don’t have appropriate backups being performed daily.

Equipment Updates To Be Done Regularly

Always ensure that you are investing in high quality IT Hardware to ensure that your employees are able to work faster and more efficiently. Having a a slow workstation can cause frustration and loss of productivity which is why we recommend high quality IT equipment to be always be used. Cryptic recommend Dell to all our clients as they an almost zero return rate and are proven to be the most reliable among all the computer manufacturers which is why it is our preferred brand.

Having A Service Level Agreement 

Cryptic Offers custom SLA Contracts for companies that are seeking unlimited IT Support on a daily basis. By becoming an SLA client, your IT needs are taken care of and all of your IT equipment is managed effectively resulting in less IT issues overall.

Choosing The Right IT Provider To Deal With

Dealing with the right IT provider means  that your business always has access to excellent support and IT issues are solved in a timely manner resulting in minimal downtime. A successful IT Provider will help your business succeed and reach its goals with the appropriate IT strategy. We recommend that you look for an IT Provider that has a proven track record in the IT industry, has high service levels, and has a highly skilled IT Team.

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