With the way the technology is taking over the way we operate our businesses and the unlimited amount of advantages it can provide to a business owner when used correctly, it is so important that your company is able to keep up with technological demands and help your business get ahead of your competitors and enhance your company productivity. The best solution in order to achieve this is to outsource your IT needs to a reputable IT Company who can help manage and grow your IT infrastructure. IT Outsourcing can provide huge benefits to your company in terms of the money it can save you and the advantages it can provide to you from a productivity point of view.

Cryptic IT Solutions is a leading IT Company in Durban, South Africa specializing in providing comprehensive IT Technical Support. Our IT Technical support services are able to cover both onsite and remote support with a goal of reducing your company costs, growing your IT Infrastructure and helping your company maximize its productivity.

Increase your Uptime And Reduce Downtime

As an IT Company that prides itself on customer service, we believe that an IT Provider should help your grow your business and help it function in a more efficient manner and not slow it down resulting in your end users being more frustrated. We are able to achieve this by ensuring that your business has access to the latest and most useful technologies available, as well as optimizing your network to be much faster with a more stable connection.

Enhance Productivity

Cryptic ensures that all their clients are able to receive quick IT Support and IT Issues are dealt with quickly. If a user has an issue then we can assure you that their issues will  be solved quickly and they won’t have to sit and wait for hours as our technicians work are able to work quick and have issues solved within minutes. This level of IT Service ensures that your company is able to maintain and efficient rate of productivity with much less downtime being experienced.

Comprehensive Range Of Services Offered

Cryptic offers a wide range of IT Services which ensures that your company is covered in all areas of your IT Infrastructure. Some of our main IT Services include Email Services, Internet Connectivity, IT Security, Cloud Services, and Monitored Backups, to name a few.

Reduced Company Costs

Hiring your own internal IT Team can be costly and you would have to spend money on constantly training them and ensuring that their knowledge is current as the IT sector is always changing with new technologies being created daily. Hiring internal IT Technicians can also be very time consuming if you are not a technological person and don’t understand the skills required to handle your IT Equipment. Outsourcing your IT Needs to us will allow your business to focus on what matters which is growing your business and maximizing productivity with an IT Provider that grows with you.

Increase IT Security

With Security becoming more important than ever today it is essential that your company is making use of adequate security measures to ensure your business is protected from viruses, malware, data theft and ransomware. We ensure that your IT Security it strengthened adequately and you are protected from hackers.

Fast And Stable Network 

It doesn’t matter if you are a small company, medium or large company. Having an efficient IT Network is a must for your business to thrive in any marketplace and is essential to succeed. We ensure that the networks that we design and implement meet the requirements of our clients and are able to be scalable the more your company grows. We also ensure that we provide top notch network support to go along with the solutions that we implement for our clients.

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