Having A Faster Computer Greatly Increases Productivity

Having a computer that is able to boot up and open up programs quickly can greatly help you increase your productivity and not force you into wasting minutes waiting for a particular application to open up resulting in lost worktime. All computers are bound to get slower over time and usually non tech savvy people will assume that it is time to get rid of their computer and waste money on buying a new one when the truth is there are some steps that can be taken to increase the speed of your current computer and get running at its optimal speed again.

In most cases, when a computer starts to slow down, most would assume that the computer has a virus. While it is true that viruses do slow computers down it does not mean that if you have a slow computer it has a virus or any malware on it. One of the first things that we recommend is to run a simple virus scan of your entire PC just to ensure that there are no viruses. To read more on Anti-virus solutions Click Here. Once we have verified that there are no viruses, Next step is to do a simple disk cleanup and get rid of unnecessary temporary files and windows updates files that are no longer needed. This tool is included with Windows and is very useful in helping speed up your computer by getting rid of junk files that are no longer being used, taking up hard drive space, and also slowing your computer down.

Using Disk cleanup should have somewhat helped with increasing the speed of your computer but there are still more steps that can be taken to help increase the speed of your computer. The next thing we recommend is to check your startup programs and ensure that there are no unnecessary programs running as these can slow your boot time and cause unnecessary background processes to be active while your computer is running. Usually when programs are installed they are set to start up automatically when Windows starts. You want to disable any programs that you don’t use often or everyday or even delete programs that you don’t use at all. Disabling unnecessary programs on startup can greatly increase the bootup time of your computer and it is something we greatly recommend.

Next step is only for if you have a traditional hard drive and not a Solid State Drive. If you have a traditional hard drive then we recommend defragmenting your hard drive as this basically optimizes your files to be read faster since traditional hard drives are usually slower than Solid State Drives and require defragmentation regularly. We recommend that your defragment your hard drive atleast once a year.

The last option is one that not many people consider and that is to have an SSD installed into your desktop or laptop computer as this can greatly increase the speed of your computer even if it doesn’t have the greatest specs or the most advanced. Having an SSD installed will have the most impact on how quick your computer is and we always recommend to our clients that they have an SSD installed in their machines and if they are buying a new machine from us we recommend that they buy a machine that comes with an SSD or have an SSD installed immediately.

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