What Benefits Does Cryptic Offer To Your Company?

If you are a company that is using many different companies for managing different types of IT equipment within your IT Infrastructure or you are just not happy with the quality of service from your IT Company, then we recommend that you consider us as your new IT provider as we offer all services and you will only have to deal with us and not 5 other companies again.

At Cryptic IT Solutions, we offer almost any service available, which means that you get a single IT account with us and we are able to provide your company with almost any service available in the IT field. We ensure that our IT Support Team are highly trained and and qualified and that they have all skills available in order to perform these tasks effectively at an enterprise level.

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Remote IT Support
  • Onsite IT Support
  • Hardware and Software IT installation and Support
  • Server Maintenance and installation
  • Network Optimization and maintenance
  • IT Security Services which include Firewalls and Anti-Virus Solutions
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Comprehensive IT Audits
  • IT Service Level Agreement Contracts for companies seeking daily IT Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Internet Connectivity Services
  • Monitored Backups which include onsite and offsite backups with daily checks
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Hosted Email, Exchange, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

These are only some of the few IT Services that we offer along with leading IT Support at service levels that are unmatched by any other IT Company. Our IT Services will give your business the unfair advantage and get you a leg up on all your competitors helping you get ahead.

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Why Does Your Business Need Our IT Services?

The main point of having a world class IT Provider dealing with your IT Network is that it allows you to focus on growing your company and optimizing its revenue and letting a professional IT Company handle the daily IT issues rapidly allowing your company to thrive  and grow at a much faster pace than trying to fix your own IT issues or wasting money jumping from company to company. Your company will experience minimal to no downtime and that is our guarantee to you. We approach IT proactively and ensure that all patches, updates and all other maintenance services are done daily resulting in no disruptions among your employee team.

We are an experienced IT Company with a highly experienced IT team that is obsessed the quality of service that we offer to our clients. With the increasing threat of new viruses, ransomware and hackers we ensure that your company is prepared for any unexpected disasters and that you don’t lose a day of business with our effective Disaster Recovery Procedures.

Technology Benefits

The job of an IT Company is to ensure that your business is always up to date with the latest technologies available and that your business is using the technologies in the correct way that is benefitting your business. If your company is falling behind in terms of equipment, software and applications going obsolete and they are not being monitored to be updated regularly then you need to consider changing your IT Company.

Tailored Requirements

A business should never have to pay for more than they company actually needs and should not be forced to. Cryptic offers IT Services that are customized to the requirements of each our clients ensuring that our clients are not paying for unnecessary services and instead only paying for what is required by their business. Our services are designed to help your business grow steadily as your IT Solutions become more scalable depending on your requirements.

Renting Is Better Than Buying

Buying IT equipment with the way technology is changing on a constant basis is probably not the best solution if a company has a tighter budget. If you are buying in bulk then you will realize after a few years that a lot of that equipment will become outdated or obsolete and will most probably require you to start replacing with newer equipment to keep up with technological demands. For smaller companies this can be a very costly frustration to go through which is why we recommend renting IT equipment and paying for it on a monthly basis rather than having to pay huge upfront costs.

We Ensure That Your Hardware Is Always Current And Up To Date

We always ensure that your IT hardware is always current and that if your current hardware does happen to pack up, we will ensure that it is replaced speedily so that you can continue working. We handle all other costs associated with the hardware such as insurance so you don’t have to worry about the pain and stress of buying new hardware.

Cryptic Will Help Your Business To Grow

Cryptic is a company that grows with your business requirements and helps your business remain at the top of its game and remain as the leaders in your industry. We always ensure that your IT requirements are being met and pushed to new levels to help expand and advance your company further.

No longer will you have to wait for hours on the phone waiting for IT Support or having to deal with multiple companies trying to fix a single issue and wasting your time and money. We eliminate all these issues with our IT Services that have been optimized to deal with customer enquiries quickly and ensuring that you are a happy client. Whatever IT issues you are experiencing, we will make sure that there is an IT technician available to you that can be reached on one dedicated contact number.

All the things that we have mentioned in this article will help your company lower its costs and allow you to invest your valuable company capital elsewhere. While you company focuses on growing, Cryptic as your IT Provider ensures that your company is able to meet new technological requirements and that business is always moving forward.

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