What Exactly Are The Benefits Of Formatting Your Hard Drive?

If your computer has a traditional hard drive installed and it is a few years old you may notice that your computer starts to get slower and less responsive. Most people will assume that it is the RAM or CPU that is the issues but on most occasions it usually the hard drive that is the bottleneck that is causing computer lag.

Hard Drives tend to slow your computer overtime due to the fact that that it works based off a spinning disk and this usually starts to experience wear and tear overtime causing the hard drive to become less responsive. Other issues such as viruses, more hard drive intensive programs, software updates can create more stress on the hard drive causing it to slow your computer down. At Cryptic, we always recommend to all our clients to format their hard drive on a yearly basis.

After formatting your hard drive you will find that some issues will probably be fixed and your computer will become more responsive. Doing this on a yearly basis is recommended to keep your hard drive functioning for as long as possible.

If you are looking for a major speed increase for your computer then a Solid State Drive(SSD) is the best solution for you as this significantly increases the speed at which your computer boots up, reads /writes, and opens up applications resulting in you being able to work at a much faster speed. When providing new workstations to clients we always ensures that the computer has an SSD installed instead of a traditional hard drive as traditional hard drives are considerably slower than SSD’s.

An SSD runs on flash memory as compared to a normal Hard drive which uses a spinning disk that is fragile and becomes worn out over time. If you are looking for a more cost effective way to have an SSD installed into your desktop then we recommend that you install your main Operating System on a smaller 128 GB or 224 GB SSD and have all your data moved over and saved automatically to a bigger 1 TB or larger hard drive. SSD’s are the future and we believe that all users should be have these kind of drives installed in their computer rather than a traditional hard drive.

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