Updating your IT equipment on a regular basis such as your hardware and software applications can have a huge impact on your company in terms of the overall security of your infrastructure and profitability of your company.

Due to the financial impact that the Pandemic has caused and with many companies not being able to operate to their full potential, many companies have to had to cut back on costs with their IT equipment and security. It is understandable that companies have had to do this however in the long term it is vitally important that your company is keeping its IT Systems, network, and workstations up to date to prevent any potential security breaches that could bring your company to a grinding halt.

With the way technology is changing today, most software updates are now done automatically without the end user even knowing that an update has happened. Not all updates are done automatically though and some updates still have to be done manually. These updates are meant to fix any potential security vulnerabilities and loopholes while also increasing performance of your devices. Updating your software regularly is vital to protect your company from any potential virus, malware, ransomware or data theft.

IT Security Risks

There are many reasons why a company to ensure that updates are being done regularly but the most important reason updates should be done regularly is because of IT Security and how important it is to keep your network safe from being potentially breached. Certain Security threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, phishing scams, and ransomware are just some of the few threats that can put your critical company data at risk of being potentially stolen.

Obsolete Software

If you are not updating your software regularly then it can potentially become outdated over time which makes it less functional. Always ensure that updates are being done on a regular basis to ensure that you are able to benefit from any new potential features.

Compatibility Issues

A software that is not being updated can also eventually run into compatibility issues as different users are using different versions of a specific software which may which cause specific functions to not work as intended such as file sharing or collaboration. All users should always be on the latest versions of software applications for your IT environment to function more efficiently.

Older Software Gets Slower Over Time

When your software is not updated it also deteriorates over time and become slower causing it to not work as intended. This happens due to the amount of junk and temporary files that software programs can accumulate over time which results in your computer performance being impacted and your productivity being affected.

At Cryptic IT Solutions, we offer almost any IT Service that is required by most companies that includes IT Security Services, Internet Connectivity and various Cloud Services. We are also a reseller of IT Hardware and Software and can offer you the best prices on your IT equipment. Cryptic offers two highly effective approaches that can optimize your network security, reduce data data loss, an enhance system performance enhancing your productivity.

Firstly, Cryptic Will look at the immediate risk within your company network and come up with a resolution and implement our plan for the first 12 months. Next, we will conduct a comprehensive IT Audit of your entire environment and create a 12 to 24 month plan of the rollouts that your company will require. These rollout actions include:

  • Migrating all your users to Office 365
  • Migrating all your servers and applications to the cloud
  • Upgrading you IT equipment to what is necessary for your company requirements

Our cost-effective plan enables your company to function more optimally without having to worry about your security being breached. This also allows companies to reduce their IT Costs and downtime resulting in a more optimized work environment.

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