Most that consider IT Companies assume that these companies have nerdy IT Workers who don’t understand customer interaction and just sit on a computer the whole day. The way Cryptic functions is very different from other companies you may have dealt with before. Our number 1 focus is customer service above anything else and the way we communicate with our customers makes us leaders in the IT Industry.

Our IT Team understands the importance of IT and the impact it can have on businesses. They also understand that satisfying our customers is the number one trait that we look for in all our employees along with having the technical skills to perform the¬† job correctly. Our IT Solutions are customized to a businesses requirements and we don’t believe in having pre-packaged IT Support Services and instead we only create IT Packages that are tailored to your company’s requirements which is what makes us so unique.

We always try to make IT simple for less technological people who may not be as tech savvy. We understand that the emergence of new technologies, it can sometimes get very intimidating to get onboard with new technologies which is why we make the process very simple for you and ensure that we are helping you every step of the way. Keeping the lines of communications open is the most important to us!

Which is why we believe that IT Remote Support is still so important as customers want to know that an issue is being fixed and that they are able to communicate with members of our IT Team for updates on certain issues that you may be having. We have proven over the years to be 3 times faster than our competitors as we are able to resolve problems rapidly and provide quick communication to our customers.

We always ensure that our staff members are always up to date with their IT knowledge and that their skills are current. We also ensure that all our IT Technicians are highly qualified and have the necessary skills to deal with any technical issue while also ensuring that they are friendly and helpful to all our customers. Due to our rate of efficiency we are able to drastically reduce the downtime of your business and help increase the profitability  of your business within the first 6 months.

Cryptic IT Solutions is able to provide your with quick IT Solutions and get you back on track in no time. We understand your business requirements and we provide you with IT Solutions in a language you understand. Our service levels makes us leaders in the IT Industry!

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