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Moving To Cryptic IT Solutions Is A Seamless Process

Cryptic has been known to provide their clients with a drastic increase in uptime and have also proven to be three times faster than our competitors. Our guarantee to your business is that you will experience increased uptime, reduced downtime, enhancement in productivity and have a much more secure IT Network. So why are small

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What Advantages Does Cloud Computing Provide?

What Advantages Can Cloud Computing Provide For Your Business? Cloud Computing Can Save You Money Over The Long Term By moving your business into the cloud, you will no longer have to pay a team of IT employees to maintain your onsite IT equipment such as servers. Not only are physical IT equipment costly to

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We Eliminate Those Frustrating IT Problems

Cryptic has some of the most skilled IT Technicians in South Africa and our hiring process is very strict to ensure that we are only hiring the highest quality technicians. Our IT Support staff are among the most skilled and they are able to solve any of your IT issues that you face daily. As

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An IT Company That Puts Customer Satisfaction First!

Most that consider IT Companies assume that these companies have nerdy IT Workers who don't understand customer interaction and just sit on a computer the whole day. The way Cryptic functions is very different from other companies you may have dealt with before. Our number 1 focus is customer service above anything else and the

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The Risks Of Not Updating Your IT Hardware And Software

Updating your IT equipment on a regular basis such as your hardware and software applications can have a huge impact on your company in terms of the overall security of your infrastructure and profitability of your company. Due to the financial impact that the Pandemic has caused and with many companies not being able to

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What Are The Benefits Of Office 365?

All businesses that are looking to elevated to new heights and really increase their rate of productivity as well as the effectiveness at which they are able to collaborate should be looking at Office 365 to help their business move forward. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based platform that allows companies to use their

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Maximize Your Efficiency With Cryptic IT Solutions!

With the way the technology is taking over the way we operate our businesses and the unlimited amount of advantages it can provide to a business owner when used correctly, it is so important that your company is able to keep up with technological demands and help your business get ahead of your competitors and

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Why IT Downtime Is Ruining Your Business

IT Downtime is basically a scenario in which basically your computer, an application or even your entire IT Infrastructure is unusable due to either a technical problem, bad service or a bad infrastructure design. Most business owners don't realize the long term effects that company downtime can have on your business and don't consider the

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How To Keep Your Computer Running Fast

Having A Faster Computer Greatly Increases Productivity Having a computer that is able to boot up and open up programs quickly can greatly help you increase your productivity and not force you into wasting minutes waiting for a particular application to open up resulting in lost worktime. All computers are bound to get slower over

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