The Importance Of Dealing With Skilled IT Engineers

Your company’s IT services should always be in the hands of a professional IT company that only employ not only highly qualified, but also highly skilled IT technicians who are able to think on their feet, be friendly, and adequately fix a hardware or software related issue properly without the issue happening again in the future. You should not be paying for IT services if a company does not deliver according to your company standards.

What makes our IT services different is that  our technicians are not just highly skilled at what they do, but they are also trained to be professional and friendly with all our clients ensuring that our clients receive the most positive experience from us. Our company have technicians who can assist you with onsite, remotely or even through our website if needed. We try and provide you solutions in the quickest possible turnaround time.

It companies that have poor network connectivity, common hardware and software issues simply means that they are not dealing with the correct IT provider and they should consider changing immediately. These issues along with security issues such as viruses and and hack attempts are costing companies lots of money each year. Having high knowledgeable technicians dealing with your IT infrastructure is key to whether your business is able to function efficiently and effectively in a competitive market.

What a successful IT company should provide:

  • Keep an IT network healthy and functioning optimally
  • Doing regular updates on a company’s hardware and software
  • Resolving IT problems efficiently
  • Friendly customer service
  • Simple pricing with no hidden costs
  • Keeping a company network downtime to a minimal

When we employ technicians at our business we always make sure that your technicians are qualified with these international standard IT certifications:

  • CompTIA A+ / Network + / Security +
  • HDI-Support Technician Certifications
  • Cisco CCNA / CCNP or CCIE Certifications
  • MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)
  • ITIL Foundation

IT support is an industry that continues to change year by year and the truth is that qualifications that were done 20 years ago are most probably obsolete by now so we ensure that our IT professionals are all up to date with their IT knowledge.

For companies struggle with day to day productivity and are always finding themselves short on IT Support we recommend that you deal with a professional IT Company that are always willing to help make IT easier for you and your business with less hassle. In today’s world, professional IT technicians are now more in demand than ever.

We also ensure our technicians are able to adequately a company’s critical data to ensure that your company is protected from hackers or viruses and that your company critical data is always accessible when needed. Our technicians do daily checkups of your company data to ensure that your data is indeed being backup successfully and that redundancy is adequate enough.

Cryptic IT Solutions is among the Leading IT Companies in South Africa, we only employ IT engineers of the highest quality and we ensure that our quality of service is always maintained at a high standard as we consider ourselves perfectionists.

It has become undeniable in today’s technology age that having an outstanding IT company managing your IT infrastructure can greatly reduce your company costs over time and greatly increase your company productivity which results in your company having more satisfied which also results in your company being more profitable over time.

A company cannot function effectively if you have an IT company that is just simply after your money and the quality of service is at a very low standard. We formed this company to be an extension of all our clients and we treat your company IT infrastructure as if it were our own IT infrastructure.

Get in touch with us today and deal with a professional, industry leading IT Company!