Many of our clients are now migrating their businesses into the cloud and are seeing huge benefits within their company. These benefits include an enhancement in productivity, reduced operating costs and increased company security. If your company is not yet taking advantage of Cloud Services then your company is at greater risk of security breaches, you are reducing flexibility and are not optimizing your operating costs as it could be lowered drastically without having to maintain physical onsite equipment.

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud Migration is the process of moving all data, folders, applications, services and applications to a more secure server which is referred to as the “Cloud”. For companies that do not know anything about Cloud Services or have never dealt with this before, this can be a very confusing and difficult process however if you deal with an experienced IT Services Provider, this process can be done automatically for you saving you both time and money.

What is Cloud Computing?

To make it simple, Cloud Computing is simply using physical more secure computer over an internet connection. This is a more secure way of computing as your data is stored on more advanced servers that use load balancing to ensure that your data is safe in the case of a disaster. These high quality servers are stored in an offsite secure location in a secure datacenter that you pay on a monthly basis to use for your computing needs.

What are the types of Cloud Services?

Platform as a Service(PaaS)

This service allows users to build applications for mobile devices, workstations or online applications by using advanced tools that are provided over the cloud without having physical servers, databases or onsite storage required.

Software as a Service(SaaS)

Using this service allows you to access all your essential applications simultaneously from anywhere and from any device.

Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas)

The most basic solution from all the cloud services which allows your company to use Offsite servers for storage. In this model a company is able to pay for services from the Cloud Service Provider on a monthly basis and is usually the most cost effective solution.

Function as a Service(FaaS)

With this service users are able to easily build, launch and maintain advanced applications, and also allows them to develop, open and edit applications, while executing certain codes in reply to certain events.

What are the benefits of migrating to the Cloud?

Enhanced Security

Your company data is stored or backed up offsite on a physical server which means that in the event of a disaster such as theft, fire or water damage, your data remains accessible. This is the most secure option as updates are done regularly and your data is always accessible whenever you need it and is easily restorable in the event of a disaster.

Affordable Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery solutions can be costly for small to medium sized companies on a tighter budget. With this solution, your company has an effective solution for restoring your critical company data which guarantees minimal downtime and also ensures that your business can continue with operations much quicker.

Increased Flexibility

Due to the easy to understand pricing structure a business can easily downgrade their package or increase their cloud services needed based on their company requirements which give this solution a huge advantage to most businesses.

Save You Money

Your company will no longer have the upfront cost of purchasing expensive server to physical onsite hardware required for your IT infrastructure. A Cloud is not the perfect solution for all companies as yet however moving the cloud will allows your company to become more competitive in the marketplace and drastically help to reduce your company costs.

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