Maximize Your Company Productivity With These Hacks!

Swap out the old hard drive(HDD) with a Solid-State Drive(SSD)

Having an SSD installed in your Desktop or laptop computer can have a huge impact on the speed at which your computer is able to run. Your computer will boot up much faster, applications, files and folders will open up much quicker and you won’t have to sit for minutes or even hours waiting for a slow computer to boot.

SSD’s can also make a huge impact at the rate at which you are able to work. Having a slow computer with an old traditional hard drive can get frustrating as you could be wasting more time sitting and waiting for important applications to load up. Getting an SSD installed in your computer fixes all these issues and ensures that you are up and running as quick as possible with minimal loading time.

How Dual Monitors can ramp up your productivity 

It is a proven fact that having two monitors or more connected to your computer can increase your productivity by 30% and this can make a huge difference over a longer period of time as this can end up saving your business both time and money.

The reason why dual monitors are so good for increasing productivity is  because you are able to work on basically two things at once instead of having to look at a single application at a time. With dual monitors you are able to chop and change between tasks and get things done much quicker.

We practice what we preach which why at Cryptic we always use dual monitors and we recommend all our clients do the same!

Get A Better IT Company To Deal With

Having a professional IT company dealing with your IT infrastructure is so important to the productivity of your company. Having a poor IT provider will result in your business experiencing much more network downtime, workstation issues, server issues etc. All these issues combined can cost your company lots of time lost and money wasted.

By choosing Cryptic IT Solutions as your preferred IT Provider we guarantee that your business will be in good hands and that you will experience none to minimal downtime. We always try to take a proactive approach to the way we see IT which ensures that your issues are fixed before they even occur or have any impact to your company!


Looking to take your business to the next level with professional IT Support?