Why Does Your Company Need A Service Level Agreement?

SLA’s are for companies who require IT Support on a daily basis and usually have  a big enough computer network to require a fixed monthly cost for IT Services. It is so important that a company picks the right IT Company to deal with when dealing with SLA contracts as you will be dealing with that IT Company on a daily basis and it is the duty of the IT Company hired to ensure that the network is running smoothly with minimal downtime.

Dealing with a poor IT provider will result in wasted money, more downtime, slower network connectivity and overall more IT issues on a daily basis which in the long run will cost your business more money and loss of productivity. By Choosing Cryptic IT Solutions as your IT Services Provider we ensure that your IT issues are dealt with in a proactive manner and rather than waiting for issues to occur, we ensure that the issue is dealt with before it causes any productivity issues.

Our systematic approach to managing our clients IT Infrastructures is what makes us different from other IT Providers and why we are considered leaders in the IT industry. We strongly recommend that if you are fast growing company and if you do find yourself with 50 or more workstations that need to be managed on a daily basis then we strongly recommend consider signing up with a trusted IT Provider on a Service Level Agreement.

Here Are 10 Advantages That An SLA Will Provide To Your Business:

  • Increased IT response time
  • Increased IT resolution times
  • Enhancement of staff productivity
  • Optimal operation of IT Network ensures cost reduction and increased profits
  • More cost effective hourly rate
  • Faster Network Connectivity with more stability
  • Reduced chances of company becoming a victim to viruses, ransomware, spyware or malware.
  • Dedicated account management
  • Your company site is fully documented for easier access to information
  • As an SLA client you get reduced prices on any hardware and software your company wishes to purchase

Get your company IT Infrastructure to be managed by a professional leader in the IT industry by choosing Cryptic!

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