What Advantages Can Cloud Computing Provide For Your Business?

Cloud Computing Can Save You Money Over The Long Term

By moving your business into the cloud, you will no longer have to pay a team of IT employees to maintain your onsite IT equipment such as servers. Not only are physical IT equipment costly to purchase upfront but they also cost a lot to maintain and will usually cost more money to keep them running optimally. Cloud Computing enables a business to pay a monthly fee to access their information over a secure internet connection. With Cloud Computing , you only pay for the services that you require making this a much more flexible option for most businesses.

Cloud Computing Is A Scalable Solution

Using Cloud Computing has allowed businesses to drastically cut back on expenditure as they are now able to calculate their costs more effectively by adding and removing services when needed, and being able to operate on less manpower.

If you require more employees then you can simply add more Cloud Services if needed which makes this solutions much more scalable for growing companies. Cryptic is able to steadily move your entire business into the cloud with the least amount of hassle and have you up and running again in no time. Lots of businesses believe that moving to the cloud is a time consuming process and is very difficult. At Cryptic we make the process very simple for you and we are able to smoothly transition your business into using Cloud Computing while providing minimal internal disruption.

One of the most popular cloud solutions out there that has become common among almost all businesses is Office 365. Office 365 is an amazing Cloud Service and it allows you to use all your favorite productivity applications in a cloud environment which include Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Contact Us today to get a custom Office 365 plan for your business.

Cloud Computing Provides Increased Security

Due to the fact that all your applications and data are cloud based, you are not vulnerable to having data stored on physical servers onsite that could be exposed to unexpected disasters such as fire, water damage, physical theft or server failure. All connections to your cloud services are encrypted making it more secure.

Cloud Computing Is User Friendly

Cloud Services are usually very simple to use and has a very small learning curve to it which can be learned in hours. Cryptic also assists its users to ensure that you can be up and running as quick as possible. You are also able to access your Cloud Environment from anywhere, at anytime on any device making access to your data a quick and painless process.

Reduce Employee Costs

You would have to spend more money on training your staff again. You would also possibly be able to downscale the amount of physical IT equipment required onsite then you would also be downscaling office space required, desks required and more. All these cost reductions would allow you to cut back on staff that are not needed and allow you to operate on less manpower.

Cloud Computing Enhances Productivity

With Cloud Computing you are able to access your information from anywhere, on any device at anytime with most cloud services offering 99% uptime ensuring that you always have access to your data.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is essentially accessing your essential services that is stored on a secure server in a secure datacenter over a secure internet connection. Your data is hosted in a safe and secure environment that is safe from hackers and due to the fact that no physical onsite servers are required, this also makes it safe from theft or physical damage.

How Do I Get Started With Cloud Computing?

Cryptic will first need to perform a comprehensive IT Audit of your entire company IT Setup so we can best determine which Cloud Services are necessary for your business and that will help you reduce your company costs.

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