Cryptic has been known to provide their clients with a drastic increase in uptime and have also proven to be three times faster than our competitors. Our guarantee to your business is that you will experience increased uptime, reduced downtime, enhancement in productivity and have a much more secure IT Network.

So why are small to medium sized businesses afraid of moving over to us?

Well most companies assume that switching IT Companies is a a long and and timely process. A typical IT setup would consist of computers, servers, switches, routers, and a firewall. These are the components found in almost any business that allows them to connect to the internet and they would also typically have a telephone system in place.

At Cryptic we always conduct a comprehensive IT Audit first to get a better understanding of your network. In the first step we establish what sort of technologies your  business requires to increase your productivity and maximize your profits. With our proven track record, we are able to find and fix existing problems, upgrade equipment if needed. We also assess your hardware, software to determine if they need fixing or replacement and we of course provide Ongoing IT Support. With an IT Audit we are able to identify and implement solutions that are required for your business to maximize the use of its IT Infrastructure.

Basically the right IT Provider will help your company profit more in the long term and enhance the efficiency at which your company is able to operate and a poor IT Provider will actually cost you more money and lead to IT Issues slowing your company down and frustrating your work team that can be prevented by simply switching over to a professional IT Company.

With Cryptic IT Solutions we assure you that your business will have the ability to grow much faster and be more competitive and possibly beat your competitors with the advantages of having a professional IT Company as your partner. Cryptic is regarded as one of the leading IT Companies in Durban, South Africa and our obsession over the satisfaction of our clients is what makes us one of the best IT Companies in South Africa. We are able to provide your business with both onsite and offsite support. We are able to help grow your business with cutting edge technologies and push your business to the next level.

We create comprehensive IT Systems and we provide outstanding IT Support. Click Below to book an IT Audit With Us Today!