There are plenty of options out there that provides Cloud Storage Services however our personal favourite is certainly Google Drive. There are other good Cloud Storage Providers out there like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon Web Services(AWS), however Google Drive offers you the most bang for your buck and we find it to be the most user friendly.

Here are some of the main reasons why we recommend Google Drive to users looking for Cloud Storage:

  • Free storage space- When you create a Google account you automatically get access to your own Google Drive account that has 15 GB of free space. You can access all of your Google Drive data on any device which can include your Smartphone, Computer or Tablet. There are also additional paid options if you require more storage space, however 15 GB of free space is plenty of space for users who are looking to just test the waters and get the feel of what Cloud Storage is about.
  • Different mobile apps available- You can access Google Drive not only on a PC, but you can also access Google drive via your Smartphone or tablet by downloading the Google drive application which is very user friendly and effective for uploading important information on the go.
  • User Sharing- Google Drive also allows you to share data with other users and vice versa which makes this very effective for users who may be working on a company project or group college assignment as many users can access and edit the same document to make different versions of it. Sharing of files is made very simple with this solution.
  • Most file formats can be saved- Store all your important work in one secure place and be able to access it from anywhere, anytime on any device. Google Drive also allows you save documents in various file formats such as Word, PDF, Photos, Videos etc.
  • Google Drive also allows you neatly organize your work by allowing you create folders which make your files easier to find and share with other users.

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