How Does Remote Support Benefit You?

In recent years Remote or Virtual Support has become the preferred method for most companies to get support from IT Companies as this is a much more cost effective and convenient way for an IT Technician to get access to your workstation and fix an IT issues without having an onsite technician sent and costing more to the company requiring support. This is a simple way to get a software issue fixed by a professional IT Technician remotely.

For simple software issues, Remote Support 99% of the time will be able to fix your issues as compared to hardware issues such as motherboard or CPU, or RAM problems that will require an onsite technician to have physical access to the workstation. Cryptic IT Solutions offers leading Remote IT Support to companies all over South Africa and we guarantee a quick turnaround time with any of your IT issues.

What Do I Require To Receive Remote IT Support?

All that we require is a working laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection for us to gain access and connect up to your computer. Our Remote Support rates are very cost effective to all businesses and we guarantee a quick turnaround time. Find out more about our Remote IT Support here.

If your business is more advanced and you require a complete onsite support package or even need looking  at unlimited IT Support then we recommend that you consider looking at a Service Level Agreement with us. As a Managed Services Provider we design our SLA packages to suit your business requirements and we take all factors such as number of computers, network equipment and complexity of  network, and we create a cost effective pricing breakdown for your business.

For smaller to medium sized businesses who do not have as advanced network setups, we recommend that you strongly look at implementing Remote Support in your business as this solution can save your company both time and money and will result in your business experiencing much less downtime as IT issues will be fixed much more speedily. This is essential to ensure that the productivity level in your business is optimized to its full potential.

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